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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Webinars on Wednesday (WOW)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
7:00 – 8:00 pm EST
First Steps: Starting a Parent Advocacy Group for Your School District
Mariam Willis, NAGC Parent Outreach Specialist
All gifted is local. In the U.S., education decisions occur mainly at the state and local level. Although certain programs (e.g., Title I schools, students with disabilities) are intertwined with federal policy, the vast majority of programs and services that students receive are determined by state laws and local policies and are funded through a combination of state and local funds.
Therefore, at its heart, advocacy and support for gifted children and their families is a grassroots effort, making parent advocacy groups the first step in improving gifted education across America. But how do you get started? More importantly, how do attract members and establish a proactive group culture? From determining your mission and goals to establishing a community network of motivated members, parents, educators, and administrators are invited to join for this FREE WOW that will provide resources to support you in establishing a parent advocacy group for your school district. 

Available at the NAGC Live Learning Center 
  • State of the Nation: Effective Advocacy Resources in a Challenging Climate
  • The NAGC Pre-K – Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards: Getting Started
    Assessments for Measuring Student Learning Outcomes
  • Common Core State Standards: What Gifted Leaders Need to Know
  • Instructional Strategies for Differentiated Assessments and Products Within the Classroom
  • Action Plans: Bringing P-12 Gifted Programming Standards to Life
  • P-12 Gifted Programming Standards: Models & Program Design
  • Using the P-12 Gifted Programming Standards to Identify Gifted Low Income & Minority Students
  • What Parents and Educators Should Know about RtI
  • RtI & Twice-Exceptional Students: A Promising Fit
  • The Intricacies of Twice-Exceptional Children: An Overview
  • Double the Label, Double the Need:  Strategies for Educators & Parents of Twice-Exceptional Children
These and other past WOW sessions can be found on the NAGC Live Learning Center